1) Booklet: "The Thompson Submachine Gun - Mechanism Made Easy". Second printing, British, paperback, 32 gloss pages, 5" x 7-1/2", 1942 manual on the Savage 1928 TSMG. This is an original of the booklet written for the British home guard during WW2. Very few available. New condition. $50

2) Nickel Plated Bolt: Original, rare, M1 (nickel shows some darkening.) $350 M1A1 (as new.) $350

3) Booklet: 1936 Thompson Catalog "Thompson Submachine Guns & Semi-Automatic Carbine. Textured green cover paperback, 30 pages, 6" x 9", Seems to be last original printing. $50

8) Firing Pin Protrusion Gage: WW2 Go/No-Go, New condition. $50  (have 2)

9) 1928A1 Barrel: New WW2 surplus, late non-finned style. $495

10) M1 bolt with rare mud groove on top and left side. $250

15) Safety: Early 1928 Savage with checkering, excellent. $150 (have 2)

16) Forearm Band & Bolt: Fits around forearm and barrel to provide re-inforcement to compensate for weakness in the 3-piece M1A1 grip mount, original, new condition. $75

17) M1 Buttstock: Original plain (non-re-enforced) wood with milled buttplate, excellent reconditioned. $175

18) Thompson Display Suppressor: This is a custom made model of the suppressor shown in my book "Thompson Submachine Gun - Suppressor". It was intended to be part of a comprehensive unrestricted Thompson gun display so a live suppressor could not be used. It has fittings for both vertical foregrips and horizontal forearms. It is a very unique and interesting crowd stopper. New. $275


20) 1992 Gun Digest:  Contains article: Thompson's That Never Saw Battle.  New condition. $20

21) 1967 Gun Digest:  Contains article: Thompson Submachine Gun - Weapon of War and Peace.  New condition. $20

22) Barrel & Compensator Assembly: WW2, finned barrel. As new. $750 (have 2)

25) U.S. Army 1928A1 WW2 Manuals Set: 1) TM 9-1215, Technical Manual, Ordnance Maintenance, Thompson Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, 1928A1, March 1, 1942 & 2) FM 23- 40, Basic Field Manual, Thompson Submachine Gun, Caliber .45, M1928A1, December 31, 1941. Both manuals in excellent condition. $150 for both

26)  Small Arms Profile #4 Thompson Submachine Gun: Original British booklet which is part of a series of gun publications. 7-1/4" x 10". 82 gloss pages.  Center stapled.   Very Good.  $10

27) Book: "The Complete Machine Gun - 1885 To The Present" (1979) by Ian Hogg. 280 illustrations 153 in color), nice color pictures, Hard cover with dust jacket, 10" x 12", 128 pages. New condition. $30