We have reached the point where the Catalog has been discontinued and all product information has been transferred to this Website.  If an item is not shown on the website, it is probably no longer available.  However, it never hurts to call.

In the past, this page was used to provide information regarding temporary out-of-stock situations along with projected re-supply dates.  Since I am discontinuing most all my products other than receivers and receiver related items, re-supply is no longer meaningful.  However, in the process of discontinuing products, there are situations where the termination is not that clear cut.  This occurs when I have substantial inventories of some product components.  Therefore, this page will address orphaned product components and the plans for them.  Such items and my plans for them are listed below:

1) Slide-On Buttstock Adaptor Kits For M1 style (N/K) Frames; I have some of the parts for about 20 of these kits.  I will finish them when I can,

2) 1921 & 1928 Urethane Buffers: I have some pilots.  It is just finding time to cast the buffers.

3) Receiver Wrenchs:  I have a lot of the bodies and bolts.  I need blocks and jaws.

4) Universal Barrel Wrench Replacement Jaws:  There are no more Wrenches but I have found some Jaws.

5) Grip Mount Retainers: I have about 10 finished frames. Since that represents only about half of the total product,  it is a toss up as to finish or not finish.  If there are buyers for them, it might make sense to finish them.  Let me know if you want one.

6) Display Bolt Handle & Pilot Kits:  I have kits for the Ultimax receivers  but not for the Ultimax + receivers.  The designs have been finalized and I have the material.  I need one simple cutter made but that is not a big deal.  The big deal is that I do not have anyone to make them.  I will try to do it myself but even that requires someone to help me.

7) Compensator Taps & Dies:  I recently built some "guns" requiring the re-fitment of used compensators.  I followed my instructions in my Workshop Manual.  That went without problems but it was obvious that if one does not have the tap and die needed to chase the threads, it can be a real problem.  The Thompson uses the old National thread form which is no longer available.  I solved this problem by having taps custom made in the U.S.  That is expensive.  The current Unified thread form can be used but the taps available are all foreign made with varying quality.  Since this is an important problem needing resolution, I have decided to offer foreign taps and dies that I have selected for quality.  Therefore, I will offer Compensator Taps and Dies.  Dies are for restoring threads, not for threading unthreaded barrels.

8) TSMG Grip Mounts: I have no more TSMG grip mounts.  Therefore, I can not make any guns or barreled receivers that require them.  I am in the process of making them but that requires help which is out of my control.

9) Workshop Manuals  The first printing is sold out.  I started to prepare the masters for a second printing but it now looks like I will be doing the first printing of a second edition.  I do not know when I will get it done.  Any orders I receive will go into a backorder file.