Richardson "ESF™" Receivers & Guns

This particular receiver is an early Colt style with optional (extra cost) square end actuator slot, early Colt markings and serial number. 

As shown, Richardson receivers are completely finished (except for the bolt cavity) and look like guns.  Nothing is left for the buyer to do.  Feed ramps are smooth and flat, extractor groove is cut, sight screws are included, pilot hole is drilled and the ejector threads are timed for proper fit of the ejector.



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1921 Colt Barreled Receiver

The barreled receiver shown consists of a Richardson 1921 "Colt" ESF receiver with 1st Pattern Colt markings, Richardson 1921 Barrel and Richardson 1921 Front Sight.  Only the grip mount is original. 


1928 Savage ESF  Receiver

This receiver has the optional cost markings, serial number, Display Knurled 1928 Bolt Handle and Display 1928 Pilot.  The 1928 Savage is interesting because it is the only 1928 not made by modifying a 1921 and was used by the British Commonwealth countries and France.  It was always fitted with a vertical foregrip.  This is not a U.S. Army model.



Two WWII 1928A1 Ultimax Barreled Receivers